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The method that can help people exercise now is very much, for instance ran swims for instance etc. Modern after all society the life of people is particularly good, so each person hopes oneself can more a few more macrobian, go enjoying well. Besides can produce exercising effect besides, take run for, still have other effect? So the issue came, canter can you adjust intestines and stomach?

Canter can you adjust intestines and stomach?


One considers to discover, in all body building, ran most influence life. Often the person life that ran exercises will be longer. The expert expresses, certain associated sex exists between ran and health, the benefit of ran is very much, can eliminate a person quickly already1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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undesirable mood, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Can exercise again.

The definition of ran is to show Liu Sheng is movedForum of Shanghai night net

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Content uses sufficient ministry shift. Its definition on motion is a kind of pace, Zuo of won’t same time reachs double foot the ground. It also can be the motion of a kind of campaign that has oxygen or oxygen of be disgusted with.

Canter can you adjust intestines and stomach?

Ran takes exercise is people most a kind of body that often uses exercises means, because ran technology requirement is simple,this basically is, need not special place, dress or appliance. No matter go up or be in the playground on the driveway, even between afield, all can undertake ran takes exercise in the woods. Each one is OK the speed that oneself master ran, distance and course. To improve the health!

The proposal goes to a hospital digesting firstShanghai Long Feng forum

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Medical examination

If regular gastric bowel wriggles to want slow to go above all,the digestive internal medicine of the hospital is checked, had better be to make looking glass of a gastroscope, bowel, have the person of scared psychology to making gastric bowel looking glass, can do gastric bowel barium to reach pylorus spirillum examination fully, eliminate to whether have implement the change of qualitative sex, be like ulcer of stomach, duodenum, atrophic sex gastritis.

Canter can you adjust intestines and stomach?

Alleviate intense sentiment releases pressure

The person with gastric bowel rude peristalsis, above of half the number and psychological pressing muscularity, mood is flabby concern surely, youth likelihood and labourLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The old people in making pressure and affection and domestic pressure concern; is reached with the turn of life more oldShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Year period depressed, angst, unresponsive, mood is low wait for an element to concern. So, want to do what oneself like to be able to allow his happy business more, make an appointment with superior friend to go out Kan big hill, hey hey song, go out to go on a long journey etc, it is the most important that anyhow makes him happy rise.

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