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Article introduction

Friend of a lot of men wants to achieve very good result inside short time, think in a month practice gives abdominal muscle for example. Actually this is possible, want intensity only the practice is ample and importunate word, can achieve such result, everybody mights as well look.

A month can be experienced give abdominal muscle, how experienced

Tool / raw material

7 square clearing

Carpet (usable can need not be indifferent to)

A month can be experienced give abdominal muscle, how experienced

Method / measure

Shanghai noble baby

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1, movement the 1 bend one’s knees that hold out a bosom, both hands is made at the back prop up, when increasing difficulty can both hands has lifted the top of head up, prop up completely with lumbar abdomen. , this movement not only practice flesh of whole abdominal muscle group, also had had to coxal muscleFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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2, movement 2, 3 pedal bicycle and essentials of the bicycle that turn over pedal and movement 1 identical. Double leg turns the group is bigger, exciting sense is stronger.

3, 4 frog movement holds out the movement bosom, double arm spreads out not to want touchdown, encircle of the both hands when bend one’s knees at knee before.

A month can be experienced give abdominal muscle, how experienced

4, movement sit-ups has 5 across leg leg of across of two kinds of means andLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Stretch a leg to stretch a leg to be put relatively simply in the head to incline the head single-handed bank, skill extension forward, the hand that extension forward uses when rising hits pair of side tiptoe or ground, after changing a hand, weighShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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5, movement 6 cut type to call a leg one foot stands by the ground to notice cannot ground tightens up tiptoe, one leg at the ground as far as possible perpendicular stretch tight closely, there should be clear stand after transposition exchanges the position next.

6, the 7 distances that lie on his back to play leg double base and mix below half on half times when approach knee stretchs a leg hold the action symmetrical both hands is put at the body two side foot carries up the tiptoe when the half to going up to just be kicked up. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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7, 8 calcaneal play the movement up the leg is mixed as far as possible the ground is perpendicular, and approach stretchs tight as far as possible straight calcaneal on face, heel of tiptoe face offal guides hip to be carried up.

8, behavioral 9v on roll 1 hand to1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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upper part does not cross the top of head 2 rise tiptoe of both hands lay a finger on 3 lie go back back skips when the ground, the leg is raised then both hands goes as far as possible tiptoe of lay a finger on.

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