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Article introduction

A lot of people’s nice to have figure, the flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married on will little stomach is decreased, can use a few abdominal muscle exercise a method, so abdominal muscle fitness annulus is the effect good? Material of this kind of fitness is used at exercising abdominal muscle really1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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, the method that uses nevertheless is accurate, affect the result that take exercise directly, and cannot blind motion takes exercise, must give first self-ordained a long-term plan, ability gets effective truly.

Abdominal muscle fitness annulus exercise the effect?

Abdominal muscle annulus is a kind of exercising appliance. Model be like medicine to grind. When taking exercise ground of double genu genuflect, both hands maintains grip, the side before body of park of abdominal muscle annulus.

1. brief introduction

An intermediate wheel can turn freely, on the side hand of two one or two.

2 use methods

Forward gyro wheel, apply abdominal force to return to after that former. Also can stand undertake, this kind of difficulty is greater nevertheless.

The 3 abdominal muscle with the tradition practice sit-ups photograph ratio

Both principle is same

Good abdominal muscle trains implement better to back according to design of human body engineering prop up, the movement goes not easily form, better control changes made quality, can the force of dedicated use abdominal muscle trains, borrow force not easily to reduce the pressure to the small of the back.

Traditional situpLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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, the pressure that carries on the back to the waist is very great, abecedarian is very easy the movement is non-standard bring about muscle of the small of the back that pull an injury, and the strength that lends force easily to use the small of the back of begin arm hip namely.

Overall for abdominal muscle annulus namely safe effective.

It is OK that every groups of frequencies control group of set number 4-6 20 times, sit-ups and the abdominal muscle that you say annulus it is bigger to epigastrium stimulation, of the abdominal muscle on key practice, abdominal muscle compares easy practice to be counted to this group on enough.

Want perfect abdominal muscle, want to practice issueing abdominal muscle mainly, also want the flesh outside abdomen of give attention to two or morethings.

Next abdominal exercises can lift a leg through sitting position, parallel bars lifts a leg, horizontal bar lifts a leg, if feel difficulty can be done with music leg, it is OK to feel stimulation is less than add load. But want to noteShanghai noble baby

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Meaning must send force with abdominal muscle, do not lend strength, sit to feel abdominal muscle has apparent acheShanghai night net

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Ability is effective.

Pass the introduction above, everybody to abdominal muscle gymnastical annulus effect alsoSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Very clear. The means that abdominal muscle exercises each are not identical, want to be able to be added for a long time only nevertheless hold go down, because time is nervous,do not want or be to feel too tired easily abandon, as long as can of successive add carry momentum, can faster better formation abdominal muscle.

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