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Article introduction

Fat it is to let a lot of people feel really uncomfortable, and also be unseemly, poor person can be experienced gem gal, some people say to a good figure does not have necessary fitness, but eye comes round to say gem gal can let a little a bit fatter girl has a good figure, but the girl of some unusual suggestion of a new development always is extremely delicate it seems that, do not know such angular figure whether Lian Yuga, understand simply.

Can poor person practice gem gal

Face of one magnify cake can let whole person look fatter, this times little face just is kingcraft, how do ability to have a piece of essence send quickly on Where is lens little face? 3 simple thin faces are recommended for everybody below gem gal, not simply sheet is OK very fast thin face, return can effective hairdressing to raise at the same time colour oh. Gem gal promotes these 3 thin faces facial ministry blood circulates, add skin flexibility. These United States colour is thin facial gem gal, when idle will do not have a thing, can do, do not costLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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With respect to can effective fruit.

Face of one magnify cake can let rectify an individual to look fatter

Thin face gem gal, stimulative blood moves add skin flexibility

Before Step1, look out, fluctuation lip close lightly livesLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

Love Shanghai is the same as city forum
, the eye is opened big, maintain a pose 5 seconds.

Step2, then the lip is highlighted ahead into O glyph, hold 5 seconds, next mouth is loosened. Roundtrip repeat 3 times.

Step3, look out ahead, whole face is loosened, shoulder sinks, mouth closes, two stretch.

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4, silent counts 5 seconds, corners of the mouth right upper part cock, at the same time right eye closes, 5 seconds hold in ultimate place. Control each 1 times, repeat 3 times.

Stimulative blood moves increase skin stretch

Thin face gem gal 2, adjust self-discipline nerve

Step1, right hand is raised, big toe, forefinger, middle finger is erect, apart, other finger bends.

Step2, forefinger is put in nose upper part, in the extend between eyebrow, big toe presses right nose wing to make nostril closes. Left nostril spits breath slowly, inspiratory.

Step3, middle finger bends press left nose wing, make nostril closes, stop to breathe 4 seconds.

Step4, unlock the right hand then, change left hand to repeat same act, press left nostril above all expiratory, inspiratory, press right nostril to stop to breathe 4 seconds again next. Repeat an act 5 minutes.

On some girl faces exceedingly fat it is to let a person look exceedingly ugly really, adding gem gal is a kind of very good movement way, if can hold to an exercise, affirmation can let those who come down he is thin, thin neverthelessLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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The person can be experienced gem gal, also be possible actually, and long-term training also can let a figure more healthy, also meet more slender.

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