Make a player disappointed ” wild big armed escort 2 ” exposure map is a holiday unexpectedly

About ” wild big armed escort 2 ” message, had passed on the net hear long already, do not have all the time however really the existence that evidence can prove it. Go up in Neogaf forum the other day, exposure of a player the game map picture that a piece of doubt seems this to make, make many vermicelli made from bean starch excited unceasingly. Nevertheless the player of this graph already explained exposure recently this picture is a holiday.

On this piece of map, according to the place name that can check, conjectural dot should be be located in American Tennessee and close cc compare city district today. Somebody had generation game and this map contrast, really can coincide is together. Nevertheless, the authenticity of this map is suspectable. Explode itself of the person that expect says picture origin cannot disclose, and the player thinks the map of this piece of picture is probable come down from plan of the cut on American map directly.

Before this, with respect to Ceng Youchuan character says ” wild big armed escort 2 ” in today Xia Gong cloth, but the authenticity that cannot confirm message itself likewise. Although this the authenticity of game map cannot confirm likewise, nevertheless again and again the hearsay also proves players are right ” wild big armed escort 2 ” was full of expect.

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