” dark soul 3 ” international edition will greet a day to optimize a patch on April 12

Yesterday, we reported Xbox One platform ” dark soul 3 ” English edition already open purchase in advance and the message that can buy in Japanese Xbox shop, bandai Namco is close then today on a news briefing remind a player, game had be notted release completely, cannot give a player whole game experience.

Branch of BANDAI NAMCO United States, express to be very obliged everybody pays close attention to so ” dark soul 3 ” the circumstance of put on sale of Japanese area. We realize the vermicelli made from bean starch of a few Euramerican countries can download international edition game.

We want to take the advantage of this opportunity to inform ” dark soul 3 ” player, they will experience this game before game was released on April 12. International edition game looks mode of before many person has not activation, also do not contain content of first days of patch, first days of patch can optimize game. The player can download a patch first days on April 12.

If you had downloaded Xbox One edition ” dark soul 3 ” , consider the much person pattern of whole experience game, with first days of patch optimize, you can wait for the arrival April 12.

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