Female advocate sow long for Wang Saicong to come audience of gush of make the rounds of the wards teases: Do not need your money

The month enters Wang Saicong of yellow content of experience of 6 digit direct seeding to hit appreciate these 400 thousand words the network advocate sow pulled where the wind and the waves are highest. Reporter from instantly nearly 200 thousand network advocate in sowing, 3 when chose early, medium, new different era advocate broadcast sample book, try the story with them, corner of zoology of direct seeding of network of instantly of China of have a restricted view.

Photograph through the network like the head, they exhibit a talent, humour, do be puzzled of strange, slow-witted bud, simple kindness, evil spirit to wait for figure, the countless day and night that embrace wholesale are surrounded view, brush local tyrant of; of barrage of day giving a store to hit admire spend money like water, money reward twinking turns over times. The network direct seeding like kaleidoscope, let advocate sow people gain both honor and money, zhao Renyan is admired. But exit direct seeding, many people are angry advocate sow still should face scanty at friendship, those who be spiritually barren is actual. And always have a problem meeting lie across is before them: In all corners of the country that layer of this new personality gives, how long can this route still go?

Late at 8 o’clock, suzhou garden area inside an apartment, between the direct seeding that boreal sauce logged onto panda TV in the bedroom, open that evening network direct seeding of 4 hours.

This schoolgirl of 24 years old has vermicelli made from bean starch of more than 150 thousand subscription, online audience often is in the direct seeding that the system shows 30 thousand above, this number enough sits full 1/3 bird’s nest. Certain and specific hour, several meetings violent wind reachs the audience 160 thousand, be equivalent to the audience total that bird’s nest and Beijing worker stadium can hold.

Good evening. Boreal sauce greets sb to Mack. What she feels accident slightly is, have not leave sow, vermicelli made from bean starch served thousands of yuan gift. Buy give fictitious gift, it is the audience gives advocate sow dozen of admired way. The gift presses grade, often differ to 1000 yuan for money of a few wool. Advocate sow receive a gift, divide into by certain proportion and platform again. Had divided base salary, this is the autograph is made an appointment with advocate sow people the mainest income source.

Computer of a table, piano of a report, a belt is adjustable worn microphone is photographed with like the head, it is all equipment of boreal sauce direct seeding. Photograph just pat the both hands under the piano before her and humeral ministry like the head, diagonally incandescent the light of a lamp is in smooth and concave and convex have the diffusion on the key that send, appear jump the both hands on key Bai Xi, delicate. A magic square and toy of cloth with soft nap of a few wool are piled up respectively the head of a bed of Yu Gangqin brim and her backside, whole picture at this point lively rise apparent everything is elaborate design.

With that evening most make admired audience place point first ” actor ” begin, boreal sauce around played 39 affluent go the piano music of song, alternated a few rounds to string together during burn. To familiar music eye, she can be played oneself sing oneself.

In direct seeding, the both hands of boreal sauce flutters on key, double eye is staring at barrage, often read aloud give dozen of ID that grants an audience and express one’s thanks to. To vermicelli made from bean starch character, by advocate the thing that sowing nomination is a happiness. Give the gift of 1000 yuan of first gear, hit ID of the person that admire information along with to give, can be between all direct seeding barrage is fair show. This lets place oneself the gold at myriad audience advocate people found have do not feel at the existence of other. Of course, this need is built be opposite in them advocate sow love over.

ID breaths out the vermicelli made from bean starch that breath out for pink of damage of boreal sauce brain, be in first place of a list of names posted up of week of the money reward between boreal sauce direct seeding for a long time. Its ever were defeated by accident when charging a cost 40 thousand yuan, later simply one-time the gift that gives 38 thousand yuan to boreal sauce value, this also achieved boreal sauce up to now record high of odd pen money reward. After its, it is panda TV CEO, 10 thousand amount to group director Wang Saicong. Initial stage of this platform direct seeding is entered in boreal sauce, wang Cengjin enters the make the rounds of the wards between its direct seeding, gave 30 thousand yuan red package at once. Late on March 8 this year, wang Saicong once more make the rounds of the wards, kept 5000 yuan gift.

Money reward leap breaks up time rear, also imply local tyrant fights the psychology of firm. Late on March 8, in a Korea advocate between sowed direct seeding in, wang Saicong and another audience are hit admire spread out to brushing. Inside dichotomy bell, two people add up to dozen admire many yuan about 40, excited female advocate sow cry on the spot. And the account that media reports is, in the audience jeer below, wang Saicong sufferred the other side provoke.

Even if is to be in the recreational channel of platform, I also do not calculate big advocate sow. Although be chased after on the line by myriad,hold in both hands, boreal sauce still tries to keep sober in the life with control oneself. At the beginning of the month, she is in settle accounts of direct seeding platform go up the firewood of month of 5 digit proposes a toast, this is in at every turn the month is entered 6, the direct seeding circle of 7 digit is ordinary, it is her however those who make piano teacher wage is decuple. The mother lays day of near at hand, she uses this money choose and buy hammer of ear of a pair of handsel serves as a gift, celebrate unripe dinner to also be French dish surely.

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